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Long-Term or Short-Term Storage: Which is Best for You?

Truth be told, there will come a time when you will find yourself moving from one place to another. You may be moving because of work, or maybe you need a bigger space. Nonetheless, moving can be stressful, time-consuming, and painstaking, especially when packing and storing your possessions.

During the moving process, it is likely that you’ll find yourself wanting to have a space to store your belongings. In that case, an excellent and trusted storage facility near you is what you’ll need. Storage facilities are not solely for people who are moving; it is also for those who travel and undergo house renovations, thus the choice for short-term or long-term storage.

Generally, when packing and storing your belongings, various things must be thought about carefully, such as the types of boxes to be used, the best kind of tape to secure the boxes and containers, which items go together, and how to stack everything properly. Aside from the essentials in packing and storing, you will also have to decide which type of storage is best for you – short-term or long-term. Regardless of your choice, what’s important is that you’ll select a storage facility known for keeping valuables safe and accessible like Aussiemove.

short-term storage facilities

Relocating? Travelling? Doing house renovations? If yes, short-term storage facilities will come in handy to you! A short-term storage facility serves as a secured sanctuary where you can store your prized possessions while you are not around temporarily or when you are currently renovating.

In case you’re planning to store your belongings for a short time, here are five reasons why you should do so:

1. Provides a good environment

Appliances and furniture have varying storage conditions. Most of them need a temperature-controlled and fully-ventilated environment to protect them from damage. Fortunately, short-term storage facilities provide a suitable environment for your belongings wherein no dust, water, or pests can destroy them.

2. Secures legal documents

Legal documents like birth certificates, bank statements, and property agreements, mainly original copies in print, are valuable and certainly need proper storage. It is best to secure them in a short-term storage facility nearby to make them accessible whenever you need them to avoid instances where legal documents get damaged, stolen, or burned.

3. Keep jewellery safe

Travelling but worried about your jewellery at home? Throw your worries away; short-term storage facilities have got you covered. Leaving something as prised and treasured as jewellery unattended is a big no if you are travelling. Jewellery is often a target for thieves, so it is only right to put it in a secure place where no one can put their hands on it except you.

4. Offers pre-storage packing

Packing can be tedious and take much time, and if you do not have professional knowledge in packing, it might even cause you and your items harm – thus another reason to use short-term storage facilities.

Contrary to popular belief, short-term storage facilities do not only offer storage services but also pre-storage packing and moving services to save time and effort and ensure that your belongings will be packed in the safest and most efficient way possible. Should you be interested in packing your stuff, it is essential that you read some packing tips first.

4. Professionally handles house decorations and instruments

When relocating or renovating, the first thing to consider is where to store the house decorations and instruments that you still plan on bringing to your new home. Temporarily keeping them in a short-term storage facility is recommended to ensure that they won’t acquire damages of any kind. Storage professionals are also equipped to handle delicate items, so rest assured that your belongings will be secured and scratch-free.

Being sentimental about things is common. Some people tend to keep their most valuable items for as long as they can due to memories, while others tend to keep things with the intention of selling them in the future. Regardless, those people find themselves needing a long-term storage facility that can keep their belongings safe in the meantime.

Are you thinking of storing your items for an extended period? You might want to read below the benefits of long-term storage.

long-term storage facility that can keep belongings safe

1. Declutters house

Admit it or not, you have various unnecessary items in your house that take up space, but since they are valuable, you can’t seem to throw them away. If this is the case, you don’t have to discard them; you can just opt for long-term storage to declutter your house and free up some space.

2. Keeps appliances and furniture in good condition

Suppose you are one of those who keep things to sell them in the future due to appreciation values. In that case, you must maintain the quality and condition of your appliances and furniture — no better way to do that than storing it in a long-term storage facility. With the temperature-controlled environment of the facility, damages and mould on your properties will be prevented.

3. Secures properties you can’t bring abroad

When travelling abroad or going to another city for a long time, there may be items you can’t bring, such as books, mugs, cutlery, antiques, and even paintings. Discarding such may be out of the choice since they are your precious possessions. Storing them unattended is also unadvisable due to safety reasons. With long-term storage, you don’t have to worry about stolen or destroyed belongings. The storage facilities will secure them until you return.

4. Assists you in pre-moving activities

Pre-moving and packing activities require a lot of time and effort, which is why most people tend to refuse. If you are one of those people, worry no more! Aside from storage services, long-term storage facilities also offer pre-moving services to help you have a stress-free moving and storing process.

Looking forward to moving and storing your belongings? Choose the type of storage that best suits your needs and contact our trusted moving and storage professionals at Aussiemove to save time, money, and, most significantly, effort!

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