5 practical reasons to hire professional removalists

Are you moving out of your state or maybe even out of the country? Are you getting overwhelmed with the work involved in moving house or office? Are you considering hiring professional removalists?

If you are still on the fence about hiring international or interstate removalists, then you’ve come to the right place. Find out why hiring a team of expert removalists will lighten your load during a big move.

A moving experience

Moving to a new place is exciting. The thought of going to a new place and encountering new and interesting experiences is something to truly look forward to. However, some get anxious over the thought of packing up their belongings. Just the thought of unpacking and organising these items in a new place can be enough to bring on sleepless nights.

At Aussiemove, we aim to remove the concerns you might have with moving and simply leave you with a stress-free relocation experience. With over 30 years of experience under our belt, we have conducted countless removals in Australia and abroad. We continue to hold our heads high knowing we have delivered top-notch services that have delighted our customers over the years.

If you’re still deliberating whether you need our services, please read on and see how we can make your next move smooth and easy:

1. Reliable and trustworthy

We would not last for more than three decades if we didn’t uphold honesty and reliability in all our dealings. Since we value your trust, we at Aussiemove make sure that all the valuables and other possessions you entrust to us are well cared for, and delivered safely, promptly and efficiently.

You don’t need to worry where a specific item is, as we always take a full inventory. When you entrust us for the packing, unpacking, or storage of your belongings, we also make sure they are handled with care and in arrive in pristine condition when they’re delivered back into your hands.

2. Extensive network

You can also benefit from the professional alliances we have formed over the years. Our Australia wide network allows us to make your relocation process as efficient and seamless as possible. We can help you move from Adelaide to any part of Australia in five to eight days; less if you are moving between capital cities.

Our accreditation from the Australian Customs signifies their trust in our work ethics. We are fully equipped to clear out and ready your goods for inspection by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resource Services, should you have items shipped from overseas.

We have also forged ties with the International Association of Movers (IAM). This means we can move and set you up in approximately 60 days, to whatever corner of the world it might be. Our partnership with a global group of movers and forwarders allows us to provide you with the highest quality of removal services.

3. Skilled and experienced professionals

We are proud members of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA), which means we conduct ourselves according to strict professional standards.

Since 1987, we have grown to become the country’s largest independent moving alliance. With 18 sites across Australia, we can move you safely and reliably. With our multi-skilled and experienced team, you can be assured that you will have the best moving experience.

Each team member at Aussiemove is knowledgeable about your moving needs, and will go to great lengths and the utmost attention to satisfy your moving needs.

4. Wide range of services

Since we have your best interests in mind, we have also designed a range of other services that will make your move as seamless as possible.

Short on time? Need an extra pair of hands? Have trouble organising your stuff? Let our experts deal with all that. From pre-move assistance to decluttering, through to cleaning the house to be made ready for the next tenant, Aussiemove has got your back.

We also have additional removal and transport services that include packing and unpacking, car transport, pet transport, and storage. All of these are designed to help reduce the time, effort, and resources required of you, so you can settle into your new address as soon as possible.

5. Care for the environment

Our commitment to care does not just stop at people. We at Aussiemove also believe in taking care of the world we live in.

We take extra strides in making sure that we do everything with a green perspective. Our vehicles and everything we use are low-impact. We have replaced most of the timber in our processes with recycled cardboard. After use, we continue to pass it on for another round of reuse and recycling.

When you purchase items such as packing materials from Aussiemove, we make sure that these are made from recycled materials whenever possible. Making the Earth greener makes for more enjoyable moves down the road.

Calm, stress-free moving

When you go for reliable, trustworthy, and skilled professional removalists, you reward yourself with peace of mind. You know that you can rest, assured with the thought that your prized possessions are in good hands. You know that they will be packed and unpacked carefully, stored safely and securely, or transported with thoughtful consideration.

When you choose Aussiemove, you know you are assured of our great attention to detail. We will tailor the move according to your specific preferences, and ensure a successful relocation from start to finish.

If you want to move across Australia or around the globe with confidence, contact Aussiemove now. Speak to an expert, book an inspection, and get a quote today.

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