Helpful moving tips and packing advice

Moving house can be a time consuming and stressful process. If it’s time for you to relocate, whether it’s a big interstate move or just to a nearby suburb, there are many habits you can start practising now which will help make the moving process easier.

Here at Aussiemove International, over the years we have become the packing and moving specialists. To help you prepare for your next move, our expert team in Adelaide has put together a helpful guide of our top moving tips below.

Start preparing early and write a checklist

If time is on your side, one of the most important moving tips is to start getting organised as early as possible. If you keep putting off packing, it will only lead to a snowball effect and you will be left with even more tasks to take care of as your moving date draws nearer. Our advice is to start early, write yourself a checklist of what needs to get done and gradually tick off a few items each day. By spreading out the packing process, it will seem like a smaller and far less stressful job.

Declutter before packing

What many of us realise when moving house is just how much junk we have. Now is the perfect opportunity to declutter your home and only take the possessions with you that you will be using. Tackle one room per day and put together bags and boxes of belongings and clothing which can then be donated to charity. By doing this, you will create both an easier packing and unpacking process.

Clearly label your moving boxes

One of the top moving tips that will make your life significantly easier when it comes time to unpack, is to clearly label your moving boxes. A good idea could be to even colour code your moving box labels according to what room of the house they belong in. Whatever you do, don’t chuck everything into random boxes or wherever it will fit! This will only lead to a huge headache when you’re unpacking and can’t find anything.

Save space—try out these clothes packing hacks

You never realise just how much clothing you own until you’re in the process of moving house. Rather than folding all your clothes and cramming them into boxes, a few other space-saving hacks to try include:

  • For hanging clothes, cut a small hole in the top of a garbage bag and thread the top of the coat hangers through. This will ensure clothes are kept protected and will make things easier when they’re ready to hang straight in your new wardrobe.
  • For clothes being packed into moving boxes, opt for rolling rather than folding. This can potentially be a huge space saver and can also help to prevent clothes from becoming overly creased.

Are you moving house?

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