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Your Ultimate Guide to Moving Overseas from Australia

Living abroad is not for everyone, and there is a lot to think about before planning a move overseas. Most people spend significant time thinking about a move like this while at the same time discussing their plans with family and friends beforehand. They also do a lot of research online to help with their decision of whether to relocate and start a new life overseas or not.

Whether your goal is to become a permanent resident or a non-permanent resident of another country because of career, business, education, culture, healthcare, or cheaper cost of living, one thing is for sure: you’re about to make a really big, life-changing decision.

The thought of being in a totally new environment with a possible language barrier is already a lot to take in. It can be strenuous, even more so if you think of packing, unpacking, cleaning, and securing storage on your own. Not to mention the custom compliance, paperwork, visa application, and a lot more things that need to happen in between.

The whole relocation experience is way more complicated than just moving your stuff from home to a nearby suburb, and we hope we can provide you with some helpful and relevant information in this guide below.

If you are thinking of moving from Adelaide to any of these countries—the UK, USA, Europe, South Africa, or New Zealand—we thought that you might need a comprehensive guide to help you prepare and execute a smooth and successful relocation. There’s a lot of things to consider and talk about, so let’s get started.

Moving Overseas During Coronavirus

We know it can be a little exciting to begin packing your items for your move, but first things first—is it feasible to be moving overseas during COVID-19?

Yes, it is, but it can be a little difficult. Different rules apply depending on which country you are moving to, and with all the things involved in the entire moving process, executing an overseas move on your own can be even more stressful.

If you’ve never considered hiring the services of a professional overseas removalist, it’s a good idea this time that you do. But when it comes to choosing a professional moving company, find a reliable team that can make it possible for you to move overseas with minimal fuss, ease, and complete peace of mind.

Plan Your Budget

One of the first things you need to consider when moving overseas is the cost of living. But whether it's going to be more or less expensive than your current lifestyle, you will still need to do some research and plan your budget in advance.

You’ll need to consider any additional expenses you’ll incur, such as flight tickets, moving rates, and travel fees, as well as the changes in tuition fees, housing, and taxes, among others. You’ll also need to take into account all the factors that make up your standard of living in a new country.

Review Your Tax Obligations

Even if you move to another country, you will still have tax obligations, but there might be provisions to help lower your tax liabilities. We advise that you meet with an accountant to find out what your tax status will be when you are living abroad.

Prepare Your Documents

Among the first few steps in any international move is to have all copies of your documents and records in one place, from your passport to your marriage certificate, and research all other necessary paperwork. It is important that you do all these in advance to save time and avoid delays. Below is a list of some essential documents needed when moving overseas.

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Work Permit
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Driver’s License
  • School Records
  • Medical Records
  • Legal Documents
  • Social Security Cards
  • Pet Vaccination Records
  • Other Important Documents

We advise that you consult an immigration professional to make sure that have everything you need to move overseas legally and to also understand immigration laws and other policies about importing your goods overseas.

Transfer Your License and Other Records

Every country has different licensing requirements and transfer policies, which means the country you are moving to might not accept or recognise your current driver’s license. That considered, it is safe to anticipate having to obtain an international driver's license to drive legally in countries like the UK, USA, Europe, South Africa, or New Zealand.

You may also consider updating your car registration, switching to a new bank, and notifying your network provider of the change of address. We advise that you research these in advance and process the transfer when necessary before you move, so you don’t have to worry about any timing issues and any possible employment gaps.

Get the Kids Enrolled in School

If you are moving with your entire family, you want to make sure that by the time you are finally settled in a new country, you won't have to worry about which school to enroll your kids in.

We advise that you look for the right school first and make sure to get in touch with them about your children's transfer because you will likely need to submit some certificates and entry requirements. Finding the right school prior to your overseas move will give you enough time to familiarise yourself and your children with the switching process. Moreover, you'll get to know more about the school and how good it can be for your children's studies.

Secure Your Pets

Moving on your own can already be a stressful experience, and moving with pets can make it much harder. You also want to make sure your pet is prepared for the long-distance move, so it would be best to schedule a veterinary examination to check your pet's health before the moving day, find out what precautionary measures to ensure your pet's safety, and have copies of vaccination records and a health certificate.

In addition, you also want to make sure your pet is allowed to come into the country. So before you head overseas, make sure you verify the new country’s local quarantine requirements and government regulations associated with pet transportation.

Ensure Your Moving List Is Accurate

Moving overseas requires more time and planning than moving to another city. With the consultations and processes you need to go through with immigration, customs, and overseas shipping, it is only reasonable that you start planning at least six months before your moving day.

There is no better way to start your move than writing yourself a checklist of what needs to get done and gradually ticking off a few items each day until the moving day. Your inventory is essential in making sure that your list is accurate and that nothing gets left behind. It will also help you keep track of the entire moving process and even help with possible insurance claims, so it is important to include the condition of your items for your records too.

Declutter Before Your Move

As much as you’d like to take every item with you overseas, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to do so, especially if you’re downsizing. So what should you do with the unwanted items?

First, review your inventory to make certain that all the things you need to pack are listed. Second, gather all the unwanted items in one place to save space so you can also keep an eye on them. Third, we recommend that you either send those items to donation centres, put up a yard sale, or sell those unwanted items online.

Last, if you simply cannot declutter during your pre-move, many moving companies in Adelaide offer decluttering services that are especially useful in a range of situations, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Preparing your house for sale
  • Preparing to move and downsize
  • Preparing to move or sell a deceased estate, including deceased estate furniture removal, deceased estate furniture clearing, and deceased estate clearance
  • Reducing gross volume to bring your removal costs down

Prepare to Pack Your Items

Oftentimes, knowing where to start when moving overseas can be the most confusing part. If you are planning to pack on your own but still can’t decide which items to pack first, we have outlined a list to help you begin.

  1. Prepare the right packing materials—boxes, packing paper, plastic wrap, and others.
  2. Start packing the least used items or the ones in your storage room.
  3. What follows are your delicate items—china dishes and crystal glassware.
  4. Proceed with your out-of-season clothes, which may already be in boxes.
  5. Then focus on the items that are for aesthetic purposes only—décor and artworks.
  6. Last to pack are your books, shoes, jewelry, towels, and linens.

Bonus Tip: Clearly label your boxes according to what room of the house they belong in, especially those oh-so-fragile items.

Book Your Removal Company in Advance

It goes without saying that you need to research potential removalists first before giving them a call. To help you decide which moving company is the best choice for moving overseas, here are a few things you need to consider:

  • Accurate cost estimates based on the same factors
  • Additional, unique services to accomplish your overseas move
  • Positive client reviews and proven excellent customer service
  • Check for AFRA accreditation and other affiliations like the AMG

We recommend that you start requesting a quote 2–3 months before so the removal company can book you in on your preferred completion date.

An overseas move is a long-distance move with different requirements to comply with and follow, so informing your chosen removalists team months before your target move date gives them enough time to plan and prepare for your relocation. In doing so, you will also have enough time to accomplish the other important tasks, such as having your documents in one place.

Compare Quotes from Different Overseas Removalists

Calling only one removal company to request a quote might not be enough. Just like how you check the inclusions and prices of other service providers, the same thing can be done with overseas removalists.

Moving rates are a large determining factor when choosing the right moving company, so it is important to request a moving quote from at least three professional moving companies to give you a good idea of what price range to expect and the inclusions provided by each one.

Often the best overseas moving solutions are not the cheapest; they simply provide a much better overall solution for your individual needs, taking care of all the hard work for you from the very beginning through to the end and ensuring a smooth international move with minimal stress.

Insurance Is Always a Good Idea

When your goods are being moved—especially overseas—there is much more risk to them. Even if you have Contents Insurance, it’s very likely that your existing policy will not cover moving. When you take out insurance with your chosen removalist company, everything is covered from the second they walk in the door. That considered, you need to find a rep;.utable company that is licensed and highly experienced iOPv ;

If you do not want to go through the hassle of packing your stuff and making sure they’re secure and safe, submitting proper customs forms to legally bring your items into the country, and finding temporary storage when your items reach overseas, you have a choice not to.

For more than three decades, Aussiemove has been helping families and colleagues to move overseas safely and reliably with tailored and professional moving solutions for their goods, furniture, and effects. We are proud to have alliances with members of the International Association of Movers (IAM), a global association of international movers and forwarders committed to providing customers with the highest level of service available. The membership ensures quality international movers that are available to relocate you wherever life may take you next.

Moving to the UK from Adelaide

A lot of people move to the UK for education and career purposes, while some do it because they want a new lifestyle where some of the world’s best fashion, foods, art, and culture are.

Many also like to visit and stay because there are currently no Covid-related restrictions on international travel to the UK. You can check out CNN travel on the latest guidance across the UK and the things you'll need to know and expect if you want to visit during the Covid-19 pandemic.

While anyone can enter the country now without any additional testing or quarantine requirements, thinking about moving to the UK from Adelaide on your own might be an overwhelming task, especially if you have a lot of goods and furniture to pack and take with you. But if you have our reliable team of international removalists, moving to the UK can be achieved faster, simpler, and easier.

Moving to USA From Adelaide

The United States is known as the land of freedom and opportunity, so it is not surprising that millions of people are drawn to visit and explore. But if you are looking to relocate to the United States during the Covid-19 pandemic, you will need expert advice on travel policies and be aware of safety guidelines and any travel restrictions for the area you want to visit. You can visit to learn more about the rules and recommendations for travelling.

Just like how you will need guidelines on travel policies, you will also need to prepare for a move that can be simultaneously challenging and exciting. Moving to the USA from Adelaide may not be as easy as it sounds because the process involves moving your furniture, personal belongings, and possibly your car too.

The good news is that you’ve got help available to you. With our alliances with members of IAM, Aussiemove can discuss your requirements and help you discover everything you need to know about moving to the USA and ensure that you have a seamless relocation.

Moving To Europe From Adelaide

Europe is a large continent, which means you have a lot of countries to choose from. Travel rules that apply in one country aren’t the same in another. If you want to know what paperwork is needed and what actions you need to take once you’ve cleared border formalities, you can visit Politico for updates.

But no matter which country in Europe you plan to reside in, choosing the right removalist for your move is highly important. You need an expert team that can assist you with packing, loading, and unloading your belongings, and consultants to help you with permits and customs regulations. Doing all these on your own takes a lot of time and effort, and you may not even know where to begin.

With the help of Aussiemove, you can rest assured that the level of moving services you receive in Adelaide will be the same when you arrive at your new home in Europe. We are here to transport your furniture and belongings safely and securely and provide you with a streamlined experience wherever your new home may be across the world.

Moving to South Africa From Adelaide

The breathtaking coastline and buzzing cities are only two of the many reasons why people are interested in visiting South Africa, a multi-ethnic nation with diverse cultures and languages. If you think about the long-term stay, you will surely be able to bask in the glory of its extremely diverse landscape and warm temperatures throughout most of the year.

At this time, anyone can visit the country, subject to usual visa regulations, but not all borders are open and there are protocols and entry requirements you need to follow, such as showing proof that you’re fully vaccinated against Covid-19. You can visit Smartraveller to learn more updated advice levels about travelling to South Africa and other countries.

But moving to another country with your personal effects is different from visiting as a tourist with a suitcase. Moving to South Africa from Adelaide takes about 14–18 hours, which means it's a long-distance trip. That considered, it would be seemingly impossible to handle all the moving processes on your own. If you need professional assistance and tailored moving services to pull off a successful move to South Africa, you can trust Aussiemove to assist you.

Moving to New Zealand From Adelaide

Did you know that if you are a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, you don't need to apply for a visa to live and work in New Zealand? And if you are fully vaccinated, you do not have to self-isolate or enter Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) too. You also won't need to wear a face mask outdoors; however, face masks are required in many indoor settings.

But before you make a big decision, we advise that you research getting the right documentation first. You can visit Smartraveller to learn more updated advice levels about travelling to New Zealand and other countries.

While the process of moving to this country is relatively easier and the cost of transporting personal effects is cheaper, it still requires careful planning and organisation, especially in making sure your things arrive safely and on time. If you plan on moving to New Zealand from Adelaide but are unsure where to start packing and how to handle the paperwork, Aussiemove is here to provide tailored, end-to-end moving solutions. Our goal is to make sure you have a smooth transition to your new home.

Our professional international removalists understand how big moving overseas is, and they also know how to carry out successful international moves with ease and deliver excellence in moving. If you're wondering why we are talking about all these things, it is because we are an international moving company, and we are different from international shippers.

Aussiemove is fully accredited with the Australian Border Force and also a partner of many moving organisations worldwide, which means you can take it easy and have peace of mind while we take care of your moving and storage needs. And as an AFRA member and an AFRA founding member, we have the knowledge, equipment, and systems to carry out all types of moves—local, interstate, and international—and meet the highest standards in our industry at the same time.

To give you a better understanding of what Aussiemove can do for you, below is a list of our moving services. You can also visit our page for some Frequently Asked Questions about moving overseas.

  • International Packing & Wrapping Service
  • Worldwide Agents
  • Tailored International Packing and Wrapping Services
  • Full Container or Part Container Consignments
  • Short- and Long-Term Storage Options
  • Customs Compliance and Assistance
  • Marine Transit Insurance Options
  • Global Alliance Partner
  • Detailed In-Home Consultation and Expert Advice
  • International Removalists Services to Most Destinations
  • Expert Knowledge and Advice You Can Trust – Complex Moving Scenarios Made Easy
  • Tailored Moving Solutions – International Removal Specialists
  • Containerised Door to Door Service

Complex international moving scenarios are our specialty. As a trusted removal company for more than three decades, we know that moving overseas can be a daunting exercise, and while it can be exciting and challenging, we’ll help make sure that it’s a rewarding experience too. Aussiemove has always led the game in handling different moving needs with the utmost care and professionalism.

You can call us at (08) 8281 0888 or visit our Contact Us page to send a message about your upcoming overseas move. With our worldwide network, our team is ready to listen to your unique removal and storage needs and suggest the best way to move your items within your budget and preferred timeframe, wherever life may take you next across the world

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