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  • Pack boxes full and fill any gaps with paper to prevent
    vibration/movement during transit
  • Fragile items – wrap each item individually and pack plates and glassware
    vertically for maximum protection
  • Pack by room, label all boxes clearly and include the room it belongs to
  • Do not use garbage bags or stripped bags for packing
  • Use the right size boxes. Do not over pack boxes
  • Pack heavy items in smaller, heavy duty cartons eg books, albums, tools
  • Do not pack dangerous goods / flammable items – gas bottles, oxygen tanks,
    fuel/petrol, paints, thinners, aerosols, explosives, corrosives
  • Invest in removal boxes – they are made for purpose and are durable.
  • Small, used boxes from the supermarket / hardware store are compromised by wear
    and tear and can fall apart. They also make it harder for the removal crew to load and
    you will need more small boxes to pack the same amount in 1 removal box
  • Pack decorations – artwork, mirrors, prints, photos, lamps, ornaments
  • Ensure furniture items are clear and empty. Pack the contents of furniture items in to
    boxes eg chest of drawers, bedside tables, cabinets, cupboards, desk drawers, filing
    cabinets, entertainment units. Furniture isn’t designed to be moved so ensure all
    items are empty
  • Pack all small appliances including microwaves (remove and wrap the glass
    plate separately)


  • Disconnect appliances from the power - TV’s, fridges, washing machine, dryer,
    stereo’s, lamps, fans
  • Disconnect appliances and equipment from water supply – washing machine, hoses
  • Drain washing machine / dishwasher / garden hoses and tape up the hoses.
    Pack hoses into cartons
  • Secure front loader washing machines with transit / stabiliser bolts (refer manufacturers
    instructions for moving the appliance)
  • Remove gas bottles from BBQ’s and heaters. Gas bottles can’t be transported unless
    purged with a Certificate attached
  • Roll up rugs
  • Remove all linen and pillows from beds and lounges
  • Specialist items – waterbeds, large wardrobes must be prepared prior to transport eg
    dismantle large wardrobes
  • Bundle up cleaning and gardens tools together and tape up (spades, forks, rakes,
    brooms, mops etc)
  • Moving plants locally – cut plants back, dust off cobwebs, remove dead/loose leaves
  • Remove fuel and oil from gardening equipment – lawn movers, gardening equipment
  • Clearly mark or remove items NOT GOING

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  • Label everything and list/description of contents of boxes and the desired room
  • Work room by room
  • Distribute weight in boxes, start heavy and finish light
  • Avoid overloading boxes. As a guide, 15-20kg per box
  • Tape moving boxes well (top and bottom)
  • Avoid mixing items from different rooms. Pack by room and label accordingly
  • Pack a box of essential items you will need on arrival
  • Dismantle IKEA beds, gas lifts beds and bunk beds – ensure all components are
    bagged and labelled and packed in to a priority carton
  • Complete a thorough walk through of the house before leaving. Check all rooms,
    cupboards, wardrobes, side of the house, garage / carport, sheds etc
Group 229


  • Gas bottles
  • Aerosol cans
  • Cleaning products
  • Pesticides, fertilisers, weedkillers
  • Paints, thinners, Methylated spirits, Turpentine
  • Petrol, kerosene
  • Photographic chemicals
  • Swimming pool treatments and chemicals
  • Chemistry sets
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Explosives
  • Corrosives
  • Fire extinguishers

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