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Your furniture and belongings are your most prised possessions. They hold memories, preserve your identity, and they help make your life easier. It's worth finding a storage facility that will provide security for them and peace of mind for you.

At Aussiemove Storage, we make sure that your possessions are safe, secured, and protected. We offer a wide range of moving and storage options for virtually any size or need. Plus, our facility is fully monitored and climate-controlled so any items from large furniture pieces to delicate antiques are protected from theft and deterioration.

With the help of our storage facilities in Adelaide, Aussiemove can store your furniture and goods safely while waiting for your new home to be ready or while you travel overseas.

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Why Should You Opt for A Storage Facility in Adelaide?

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If you need to travel overseas or you just feel like your home is overflowing with your belongings, it might be time to find some extra space. And while self-storage services have become popular in recent years, they're not always the best option. There are a lot of considerations that go into choosing which type of service to use. And here are a few things you should think about before making a decision:

Large pieces of furniture or appliances need large storage rooms. Since these are also considered valuable, they need a packing and storage company with a facility that is safe and can withstand ever-changing environmental conditions. Delicate belongings such as antiques need extra protection, so heavy-duty wraps and covers are a must.

You also need to figure out how long you are planning to store your belongings. Moving and storage companies allow you to choose between short and long storage depending on your needs. Usually, short-term storage in Adelaide uses containers while long-term storage uses modules for complete isolation.

Unlike self-storage, packing and storage facilities don’t offer 24/7 access as they want to ensure there is limited public access for security purposes. You are confident that your belongings won’t be accessed by the public anytime.

Generally, here are the reasons why you should opt for a moving company with a storage facility:

It's safer

While it is highly recommended that you secure your belongings, removal and storage companies are still safer than putting them in your home if you are away. Your belongings are more protected because they're under the care of professional staff who know how to handle them correctly. Furthermore, these interstate moving & storage facilities are supervised 24/7 and equipped with security cameras for added protection.

It’s more convenient

Some removals and storage in Adelaide, like Aussiemove, offer both moving and storage services. You don't have to worry about wrapping, packing, and moving your possessions as our removalists and storage professionals will handle everything on your behalf. There is also no need to worry about mishandling as we do accurate inventory and you can trace every single item anytime.

It's flexible

A good removalist and storage facility offers various storage management solutions regardless of how many items you need to store, the duration of storage, and the location across Australia. Aussiemove storage facilities have flexible options for you to choose from, whether it be the storage location, duration, or even the payment scheme.

To whatever extent you want us to handle it, we are always open to discussing your needs and preferences. Just give us a call and we'll arrange the most suitable storing options with affordable removal and storage costs.

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Your #1 Choice of Storage Facility

When you don’t need access to your goods, but need them stored carefully and safely, Aussiemove is your storage facility of choice. We offer a range of affordable short and long-term options for storage in Adelaide, tailored to suit your needs.

When you store your goods with us, furniture items are wrapped in heavy-duty blankets, and soft furnishings are covered in plastic and wrapped. Our removalists and storage experts create a complete inventory of every item that you store. Everything that you store is modularised and labelled before it is stored away. The records of the inventory are then digitised so that even if something happened to the paper records, we still know exactly what you stored and where it is.

Aussiemove containers and modules are not only cost-effective but extremely low risk to you. Our storage facilities undergo electrical, roof, and gutter inspections twice yearly as part of our requirements for Australian Customs and Australian Government accreditation.

Short Term Storage

It may only be once in our lives that we plan to have our own house or undergo a house renovation. This makes us worry about the things we may need to relocate or leave for a while. It’s a good thing that there are facilities that offer short-term storage and packing for our belongings for a hassle-free house renovation!

A short-term storage facility is a place where people can store what they don't need while they're restoring their home or building a new one. It gives the option for people to temporarily leave their belongings for a clutter-free house.

You can resort to short-term storage if you plan to store the following:

Appliances and furniture

Appliances are not the type of things you can just store anywhere, It's better to leave them in an environment that is temperature-controlled, fully ventilated, and protected to prevent damage.

Similarly, pieces of furniture, such as dining tables and chairs, are not just any other item you can leave outside the house whenever you are renovating. The proper place for them is a furniture removal and storage facility where they can be properly monitored. These valuable pieces should be protected against dust, water, and insects.

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Special equipment and instruments

Appliances are not the type of things you can just store anywhere, It's better to leave them in an environment that is temperature-controlled, fully ventilated, and protected to prevent damage.

Similarly, pieces of furniture, such as dining tables and chairs, are not just any other item you can leave outside the house whenever you are renovating. The proper place for them is a furniture removal and storage facility where they can be properly monitored. These valuable pieces should be protected against dust, water, and insects.

Antiques and paintings

Antiques and paintings are unique items that should be handled with care. They are best protected in a climate-controlled environment that is not too moist or too dry to ensure that these pieces of art will stay in their best condition for years to come.

House ornaments and decorations

Decorations, such as figurines, chandeliers, vases, and statues, should not just be thrown out. Instead, they deserve to be properly stored because they are priceless and will make your home more stylish after construction or renovation.

Since these are delicate, they should be wrapped individually and stored properly. Short-term storage facilities are knowledgeable about the proper handling and moving of these items, so if you choose to have them moved and stored in a location, you should definitely consider talking to a professional first.

Books and legal documents

Books are very important, and some people consider them treasures. Legal documents, such as birth certificates and bank transaction papers, are similarly important documents that should be properly preserved while you're renovating your house. The perfect place for these is a storage unit that is temperature-controlled and protected from moisture, insects, and dust.


Jewellery should be well protected in a safe place. Some Jewellery items are very expensive to replace and it would be unfortunate if they fell into the wrong hands. A short-term storage facility provides an environment where these can be stored properly so that they can be returned to you after your construction or renovation is done.

There are a lot more things that can be stored in short-term storage facilities and it's only a matter of finding the right storage option for you.

Aussiemove offers short-term storage options for moving. These containers are made of steel and remain dust-free and completely sealed for the duration of the storage period. In most instances, your goods will be packed and picked up at your residence and then delivered to our on-site storage facility in Adelaide. This ensures reduced handling of your goods.

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Long Term Storage

While it may seem daunting at first, being able to find your way through keeping your things safe while you declutter or move abroad can save you from the hassle of worrying about your unattended belongings.

Homeowners would agree that the best solution for this is looking for reliable long-term storage in Adelaide. You should consider moving into storage long-term if you need to:

Declutter for more space in your house

Things you store make up a significant portion of your storage space. There may be belongings that you store away in your garage that you no longer need but cannot discard yet because you don't have the time to get into sorting them out. A long-term storage facility can help with this while you figure out what to do with them in the future.

Keep your appliances and furniture attended to while you're relocated

If you plan to sell something in the future, consider storing it in a facility rather than just letting it rot in the garage or out the back. It's best to have it in an environment where temperature and moisture are controlled. This is to make sure they are maintained for good resale value.

Store valuable items you intend to sell in the future

If you're looking to relocate to another city for work but don't think you'll be settling there for good, then a long-term storage facility is a perfect place for your belongings while you move temporarily. This allows you to leave the things behind if you won't be needing them in your new work.

Move abroad for a long time

There are belongings that you want to keep but cannot bring with you when you decide to move abroad, like a large collection of books, antiques, or paintings. A long-term interstate moving and storage facility will enable you to keep these precious possessions safe from damage until your return.

It’s a good thing that Aussiemove offers a safe and secure storage facility within Australia, with a variety of storage and moving service options that allow you to store your belongings long-term.

All goods stored by Aussiemove are handled with extreme care and attention to detail. Furniture items are wrapped in heavy-duty blankets, and soft furnishings are covered in plastic and wrapped. Goods are securely placed in modules and lounge suites are stored in our lounge racks within the warehouse.

Our long-term house removals and storage option includes the following packing and storage services:

  • Picking up belongings anywhere within Australia
  • Wrapping individual items with a heavy-duty cover
  • Labelling and inventory for digitised records

After these preliminary steps, your belongings are now ready to be stored in our modules. This is effective for moving and long-term storage requirements. Usually, your goods will be delivered to the storage area where they will be unloaded and professionally stacked into their wooden boxes or crates. These wooden boxes are purposely built to store household goods undercover within our warehouse and ensure a dust-free environment and complete isolation.

Aussiemove makes moving easy! Use our helpful moving checklists to ensure a smooth and stress-free move.

Why Choose Aussiemove For storage?

Cost effective moving and flexible storage management solutions

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Detailed uplift inventory

Traceability (know the location of your goods at anytime)

We pick up, protect and store

Move your goods in when required

Servicing our clients for over 30 years

Short and long-term storage solutions

We store household furniture and effects for customers all over Australia

We do a detailed inventory, pick up your goods, protect them, store them and then move you in when your ready

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